by The Zygotes

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"Circles" is the first album to come out of The Zygotes' reunion as a three-piece. Some say they were dripping wet when they recorded it. However, it is up to you to separate fact from fiction.


released May 13, 2017


Simon Kingston - 1448, vox, trembling bees
Zade Walters - stank bass, field hollar, slow waves
Alvaro Linares - meat drum
Joey Beach - science and technology
Jonathan Jacky - honey-horn on "Can A Canary" and "Heart Beat"
Hector Gagnet - Saxophone on "Circles"

All songs written by The Zygotes



all rights reserved


The Zygotes Dayton, Ohio

The Zygotes is Simon Kingston, Zade Walters, and Alvaro Linares.

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Track Name: Gaslight
It's in DNA,
Just can't communicate
Won't turn gears in head
Small talk, stay unsaid

No use shaking hands
Just shake chains instead
Poor Mephistopheles
Won't have no free speech

Gaslight won't get me
Tried to get out
I got cut
I got caught
Track Name: Circles
Got two hands, got two arms
I'd rather have none at all !
I don't know why, I don't know why
Aint gonna fake no work of art
Not gonna make no broken heart !
I don't know why, I don't know why
You paint yourself a picture in a line,
A dog that runs in circles 'til it dies
I don't know why it does

Is this free will or something else?
Just run around, repeat myself !
I don't know why, I don't know why
You paint yourself a circle in the sky
Repetition's all you're going to find
A dog that runs in circles 'til it dies
Won't find peace in something you describe
I don't know why it does
Track Name: Working Hands
Fear what you eat,
Fear how you greet working man
Take what you hear,
Fake how you fear working hands
He'll be all of the means of your life
In time you will force love on your wife

He's got to provide
(Proceed with care)
She's got to put out
(Will see a tear)
Working hands, man of the house
(Proceed with care)
What's a man got to do with a mouth?
(Will see a tear)

I working man
I not working heart
I don't understand
I tried working hard
Track Name: Bottle Of Mickey's
Who believes in love?
I think it fits into a glove,
And if we were homemade cotton dolls,
We could be sewn with none at all

You hold in your hand your only heart,
And it sold to a man with a shopping cart
Full of bottles of Mickey's ( 3 for 5 ! )

If I was sold a say,
I think I'd mold you into clay,
Make you into a work of art,
You could be made of separate parts

You'll be put on a stand, bought and sold
You're aesthetically sweet, and as easy to hold
As a bottle of Mickey's ( 3 for 5 ! )
Track Name: Can A Canary
Have you heard a bird call,
and admired such a sound?
Bright stomachs all shouting,
Worms in pigeon mouths

Well can a canary get hungry
Without feeling so disgusting?
I don't believe it can
(Can a canary, it's good money)

Have you seen a cardinal
beside a bird of prey?
Chickenhawk with black talons
But she stands there anyway

Well you can can a canary,
It's good money,
Just don't let them know
Who's running the store,
Ignore the signs

Don't let 'em go,
Oh no !
Don't let 'em go
Oh no !
Track Name: Heart Beat
I see acid, ICD,
I saw, she saw,
Everybody saw my heart beat

(heart beat)

Do my heart beat clean?
Do my heart beat white?
Do my heart beat free?
Do my heart beat right?
Track Name: Black Lung
What's a man supposed to do?
Nothing at hand to attach to
Roads built in circles, round
Just to keep a square-foot house
Poor man loves being free
Black lung and a stomach to feed

Hop on the carousel,
Get to work, invent yourself
A system to be employed,
Life is not to be enjoyed !
Track Name: Kshatriya's Eyes
I smell spilt milk
Something out of
A sick spoiled cow,
Concrete dead squirrel,
You and me and a
Beautiful girl
Caught your eye through the cracks,
Smiling, you look me back in the eye

It just goes in circles
The machine is so smooth,
Mother makes daughter
Makes mother makes you
Born into concrete,
Just a husband and wife,
And they hope you inherit
A Kshatriya's eyes

A smell so foul
Twenty five children
In half of a house,
One in one half,
Circles you drew on
The walls in the bath
See your face through the cracks
A hand that could wash your sore back
Circles around you in the tub
What will they do with my love?
Track Name: Sue Doe
Your lips fall out,
land in your actions
You find faults throughout
All those interactions,
Eyes that don't stay silent,
Lies, I'm not so violent

Ignore the sound
Of her raped in the basement
If only it could play
Every time you're face to face
With something so commonplace
With something so common

The kids play house
But she broke into pieces
if only they could play
Without such intimate embrace,
A much less violent game,
Or just stay quiet
Track Name: Constant Conflict
I'm caught in conflict,
No cotton goddess
No arms, no legs !
No god, no face !
No sex, reproduction
It's mindless indulgence
No procreate !
No arms, no race !
It's got in the way,
It's got in the way

No constant contest
It's fought with conmen
No love, no hate !
No arms, no legs !
No drunk in a coffin,
Forgotten unconscious
No arms, no legs !
Oh god, no way !
It's got in the way
It's got in the way

God has a game,
And it's got DNA,
I've gotta say,
That I'm not gonna play